Retail Construction

When you have an established business plan and require retail construction or fitout of retail facilities, we can meet even the most specialised needs.

Our retail construction projects have included:

  1. 150 sq. metre Take-Away store with Commercial Kitchen Fitout and Internal Finishes
  2. Restaurant Fitouts with unique Joinery, Floor Coverings
  3. Structural Fitouts and Mezzanine Floors
  4. Child-care facilities with specialised play equipment

Offices & Fit-Outs

If your business demands more value from your existing floor space, we specialise in a range of modern office facilities and commercial fitouts.

We have successfully met client specifications for:

  1. Office Fitouts, Partitions and Work Stations
  2. Suspended Ceiling Grids
  3. Commercial Air-Conditioning
  4. Specialised Floor Coverings
  5. Access Floor Systems for Computer Wiring

Factories & Warehouses

Is your business outgrowing your current facilities? Are you in need of additional warehousing or floor area to manage your business requirements?

Our experience in solid concrete panel construction includes:

  1. Warehouse spaces with Office Facilities
  2. Multi-Lot Developments of 200 sq. metres with Common
    Access and Landscaping.
  3. Larger, Multi-Access Factory Warehouses in excess of
    1000 sq. metres