New Homes

We are in the business of building dream homes, whatever your vision may be. No project is too big or small– our past projects have included 100s of homes of all sizes and finishes, from cozy, two bedroom homes to large, elaborate designs.

Our vast experience with new homes includes a range of:

  1. Modern, Architect-Designed Homes.
  2. Classic, Period Homes.
  3. Multi-level constructions.

Townhouses & Units

To maximise the value of your land, we can construct a variety of multi-unit or dual-occupancy developments whilst still retaining the privacy of your own home.

Our portfolio includes:

  1. Single-block developments with 2-3 Units or Townhouses.
  2. Larger, Multi-Unit developments.
  3. Complete Landscaping and private outdoor facilities.
  4. All units feature the amenities you’d expect from an individual, private living space.


With Melbourne’s town planning curtailing urban sprawl, high density home living has formed the major part of our work in recent years. As a discerning investor, we will build to all your requirements and design specifications.

Our past projects have featured:

  1. Modern, Solid Concrete Constructions.
  2. Apartments with Basement Parking Facilities.
  3. Secure living with private balconies.
  4. Landscaped, Communal Areas.